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We’re helping Maple Ridge move to a low-carbon economy through communication, education and action.

2024 Climate Champion Award nomination now open! 

Do you know of a local citizen, organization or business who is working hard to make a change and mitigate the effects of climate change? Nominate them for the 2024 Climate Champion Awards here.


Net zero emissions

Our goal is for Maple Ridge to reach net zero emissions by 2050, compared to 2010.
To do this we need to measure current emissions, set interim targets, and create an action plan to meet this goal.

Compact communities

We see a future where work, schools, shops and community spaces are all a walkable distance from homes.
To accomplish this, land use planning must favour walking, biking and transit, complemented by abundant green space and urban wild landscapes.

Green transportation

Widespread, accessible public transit must be the cornerstone of how we get around.
And we need safe bike lanes and bike share programs for cyclists, with extensive pedestrian networks to encourage walking.
Electric vehicles in all their variety will become the norm, and the charging infrastructure will expand.

Housing and buildings

Buildings are major drivers of emissions, from construction materials to heating, cooling and lighting once they're built.
We can start right now to retrofit existing buildings and create new ones that are better for the planet, more affordable to operate, and healthier for people to occupy.

Green infrastructure

Urban forests and waterways help communities cope with climate change impacts and contribute to the health and well-being of residents.
Cities must understand, manage and value our natural assets the same way we manage and value our built environment.

Circular economy

In a circular economy, products are designed to last longer. They can be repaired when broken and recycled when no longer functional. They biodegrade safely at the end of their lifecycle.
We must build a circular economy that balances the social, environmental and economic needs of our people.


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