About the Maple Ridge Climate Hub

Cities are key in the fight against climate change

Cities govern transportation, building bylaws, land use planning and waste management.

These areas of municipal responsibility are all major emitters of greenhouse gases. But with the right policies in place, all of them can contribute to the solutions we need.

Across Canada, Community Climate Hubs are springing up to help their cities shift to the low-carbon economy. Through broad stakeholder engagement, Hubs build support for political leadership on climate change.

our purpose

The Maple Ridge Climate Hub formed in 2019, and became a registered non-profit society in 2022. 

Our purpose is to empower residents of Maple Ridge to shift to a low-carbon economy, through:

Learn more about the Climate Hub through our constitution and bylaws

Our mission & vision


To drive positive change in Maple Ridge by educating about the causes of climate change, advocating for solutions, and empowering individual action – with equity and accessibility at the heart of all we do. 


A climate-friendly community that’s a model for all. 

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