Our Board

2022 Board of Directors

President - Kirk Grayson

Kirk is a business communications professional who has called Maple Ridge home for more than 30 years. She is a passionate advocate for climate action at all levels, from individual to global. Kirk organized all-candidates debates in recent elections, started and ran Maple Meadows Green Drinks, co-organized a local School Strike for Climate, and was instrumental in setting up the Maple Ridge Climate Hub. 

Ask Kirk about … heat pumps.

“We recently had a heat pump installed to replace our gas furnace. We love that it not only eliminates emissions from heating our home, but also cools the house on hot days. But the process was complicated. It needs to get easier so more people can make the switch.”

Vice-President - Hudson Campbell

Hudson is proud to have lived in the Ridge Meadows community his entire life. He is a climate activist and believes change can start in the classroom. He’s involved in the community through uPlan, a youth-led subcommittee of the Ridge Meadows Youth Planning Table, and various other organizations, where he tries to make sure that sustainability remains a top priority in our community.

Ask Hudson about … youth engagement.

Executive Administrator - Sunny Schiller

Sunny has always loved the outdoors and nature, and her passion for environmental issues led to her running for City of Maple Ridge Council, where she is currently serving her first term as a Councillor. Other projects and roles in the community include being part of the creation of Maple Ridge Repair Cafe, the first ‘Repair Café’ in the Fraser Valley; working with the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Katzie Community Network and as a Constituency Advisor to MLA Bob D’Eith. Sunny enjoys spending time with her family in their Whonnock Lake neighborhood.

Ask Sunny about … government climate change policy.
“I love learning about the new approaches that are being taken to both adapt to climate change and reduce emissions going forward.”

Youth Programs Director - Kim Dumore

Kim has lived in Maple Ridge more than 20 years, and is passionate about participating in and showcasing what is local to our community. In particular, she is focused on youth empowerment, supporting this next generation to be successful citizens who can nurture and sustain our environment. Through her employment and volunteering, Kim prioritizes youth wellness and development on their path to adulthood.

Ask Kim about … the role for youth in combating our climate change crisis. 

All people can contribute to our ongoing climate change crisis, but none more so than our youth.  This generation of youth are innovative, globally connected, and highly motivated to create impactful solutions to our current crisis, because it directly and significantly affects their future.” 

Marketing & Communications Director - Carl McBeath

Carl is a lifelong Maple Ridge resident with a passion for using marketing and communications to amplify the voice of those advocating for a more sustainable future. Carl has sits on the board for the Tyler Clean Energy Research Foundation, and has helped organize The Ride For Clean Energy, which has raised over $180,000 for clean energy research over the past 10 years. Carl is currently the Marketing Manager for Mangrove Lithium, a renewable energy tech company developing a cleaner and more sustainable way to refine lithium for the growing EV market. 

Ask Carl about… the renewable energy industry.

“Climate change, sustainability and renewable energy are no longer simply subjects of interest to those who are passionate about those issues, it’s a big business with lots of interested parties. It’s important for people to understand that adopting practices that mitigate climate change is not just environmentally responsible, it’s fiscally, socially and ethically pertinent as well.”

Director at Large - Shiraz Mawani

Director at Large - Steve Ranta

Steve is a retired teacher and part-time musician, with interests in history, politics, and the environment.  He has experience as a union activist, community activist, and independent candidate in recent federal and provincial elections.  

Ask Steve about  planning for the future

Our community needs to find ways to build a comprehensive system of public transit, cycling, pedestrian, and electric micro-mobility infrastructure that allows people to travel easily without relying on automobiles.” 

Volunteer Director - Ahmed Yousef

Yousef has lived and worked in Egypt, USA, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.  An active volunteer in Maple Ridge, Yousef has been involved with Scouts Canada, Hope for Freedom Mat Program, Canadian Blood Services, and Operation Red Nose. In addition to the Climate Hub, he also serves on the boards of KidSport, Friends in Need Foodbank, and the Ridge Meadows South Asian Cultural Society, and is a lifetime member of the Alouette River Management Society.

Ask Yousef about … environmental policies. 

“As we are experiencing remarkable climate change and indeed an emergency, it is incumbent upon us to do all that is within our capabilities to preserve our environment and ecosystem. We must learn from those who’ve come before us and find different ways of working with nature, not against it.”